Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PureSmoke Review

Next up in my e-cig reviews is PureSmoke. This was the first e-cig I tried.

First impressions had me wondering. This was the first e-cig I tried and at a very cheap price point ($40) I didn't know what to expect. What I already didn't like was the lack of anything it included. First thing I noticed was that there was no real case. You buy the starter kit in a cardboard pack with a flip-top much resembling a real cigarette box. Cool concept, but have you ever reused a cigarette pack? Didn't think so. Quickly, the cardboard wears down and starts to fall apart. Inside the case was a foam insert that had slots for everything contained. Included was:
1 battery
4 cartridges (in the flavor you chose. Menthol and Tobacco only)
USB charger

And that's it. No wall charger, no case, only 4 cartridges, no car adapter...anything. I got what I paid for I guess.

Battery: Of all the e-cig batteries I've tried, this one had to be one of the heaviest. Functional, but limited battery life. And took too long to charge. Not much else to say here.

Vapor Production/Ease of Draw: The draw was pretty easy to my surprise. Didn't take much to get the battery working. Vapor, however consistent, was poor. It was bad the whole time, the same for all cartridges, even on a new atomizer.

Flavors: Some companies have a wide selection of flavors, others stick to the main. The main being tobacco and menthol.
Tobacco: Trash. Tasted like dirt, no real full taste and left my mouth feeling dry and tacky.
Menthol: Had more of a menthol hit than Blu, but the lack of vapor killed it.

Value and Options: There are 2 kits that I saw offered. One had menthol cartrdges, other tobacco.
The fact there's no option to buy 2 battery kits (or at least, was no option. Haven't checked up) is disappointing. PureSmoke did 2 things right in their products.
#1. Offered 2 different strengths in each starter kit, to see how each one hits. This is great because even long time smokers easily underestimate the strength of a full nicotine cartridge.
#2. With all replacement cartridge packs (packs of 10) they included a replacement atomizer. I still have not seen many 3 piece designs do this, forcing you to buy your atomizers online for an additional cost.
But the fact that these are in such cheap boxes, only offer 2 kits, 2 flavors, no car adapter, no wall charger...all disappointing.

OVERALL: 2.5/7

One of the few times I'd actually recommend a Blu over another product. PureSmoke = PureJunk. Keep looking.

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