Saturday, July 9, 2011

First post from mobile!

How nifty, posting from my Blogger Android app.
So today I figure I'd give a quick game review, I know everyone has it but I just picked it up yesterday. And that's Portal 2.
For anyone who knows who Valve is, already knows this game. I'm not really going to spend time explaining the whole game since its mostly common knowledge. Here's the short version.

Puzzle game + crazy gun that creates entry/exit portals on walls, ceilings, anywhere + makes you think + interesting story.

That covers all the bases. And this review will be a quickie.
So even after it being out a decent while, I was surprised, yet not surprised to still see the price tag of $60 USD. So being a Portal fan, I shelled out the money, reluctantly. All in all its a good play but its disappointingly short. They improved on a lot of things and added plenty of new elements to the levels, but still lacking in the actual length department. And the only replayability comes from the advanced levels, and co-op which I haven't tried yet.
Verdict; if you're a fan, you probably have it already.
If not, wait for a price drop.


  1. Haha nice post. Looking to see more from the mobile! ;)

  2. As far as I know it's coop playable isn't it?

  3. Yeah you can play coop with friends.

  4. So much text posted from a mobile device, wow! Heard that it's worth its money but if it's so short...

    I'll wait until it's low-budget.

  5. Googled the game, it looks pretty good, yet the price seems a bit steep if its short as you say. Might give it a go in a while when its price drops.

  6. good to know, was actually planning to pick it up pretty soon, thanks for the tip on waiting for the price drop. I will probably wait for another month or so