Monday, July 11, 2011

Follow up to Ableton Live - Dubstep Tutorial

I typically hate to post Youtube videos and call it good content on a blog, but if you're just starting with Ableton, or you're curious to see what goes on inside, this video is an interesting watch.

Now, dubstep is hit or miss with people. There's many different types of dubstep in itself, but most will recognize wobble bass and other signature points of most dubstep.
IMO, it has become far too popular and a lot of it is starting to sound the same, however, that doesn't mean you can't create good dubstep, or that you can't learn anything from this tutorial.
At a glance, a dubstep song is pretty easy to get going.
-Set 140 BPM
-Kick/snare drum pattern
-Add a "wobble" bass line via any of Abletons built in synths.
-Add various drum loops, samples and patterns.
And boom you have a basic easy to make dubstep sound. If it sounds easy, it is once you learn your way around Ableton; but enough talk, check it out yourselves.


  1. Not a huge dubstep fun, but the tutorial was pretty good and very clear. 10 minutes well spent :)

  2. Dubstep.. I am so bad at it! hahaa Thanks for teaching me though!

  3. This tutorial gave me the basics to produce simple dubstep tracks with such a complex program. Great stuff!

  4. thx I agree with you that dubstep got far too popular and that there is so much shitty dubstep out there

  5. Dubstep, best music ever!