Monday, July 25, 2011

Google's next logical step in world domination - Social Networking

Futurama fans! Remember the recent episode from the newer season that ripped off Twitter and Mom Corp. used everyone's frequent updates to delve into the populations life for their own purpose?
Google must have been taking their notes, 'cause Google+ is here and not losing any steam.

Cartoon allusions aside, I finally got a friend to invite me aboard last night and I've been checking out what it has to offer. And the great part is; it doesn't take that much time to do that!
It's streamlined; minimalist; direct. It's Facebook without page ads and useless apps. It's clean like Twitter but without a ridiculous character limit. Definitely one of my favorite things the internet has brought this year.
I enjoy its easy interface, familiar social networking key words. So far, there isn't much I don't enjoy. I have my few quirks with it but overall it's a great experience.

One thing that I don't quite catch, but maybe it will come to me in time, is how it deviates from the usual and familiar "friends list." It borrows off Twitter's following system; you following someone doesn't mean they follow you back unless they manually decide to do that. It's a quick process and you can even organize everyone into groups as you add them into your "circle." But considering the terms of service states specifically that the account must be for you and not a business or anything, the having to add people back seems like an extra step.
I also don't get why it's in the trial stages and invite only. It seems about finished up to me, and most of the people who are interested will migrate over if they haven't already. Most of their demographic should come from the tech buffs who've been paying attention. Those who are just now hearing about it, you are probably not interested anyway.
But all in all, it's a great answer to the other social networking mediums out there. I'm sure one of your friends has an invite already, so just ask and ye shall receive! Go see the buzz of Google+.

I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords.


  1. hahaha google = skynet. They will be ruling the world in 50 years tops

  2. Google are definitely gonna rule the world soon. With Google+ they'll basically have most peoples information. Even now, we're talking about it on a service run by Google! :P

  3. google plus is far from finished. they're still having problems w/ people using fake names, real names, how to consolidate profiles if you have multiple gmails and how it all syncs up together. people who lose their google plus account have been losing everything google related like a bad google dominos effect. oh well. hope it doesn't happen to me. i like my gplus account too.

  4. Definitely Google has the power, but world domination seems harsh. Maybe some countries hahah

  5. @GM soccer picks: they don't need another 50 years, they are already nearly ruling the world...:-/

  6. they know what they are doing. I'm not a fan of anyone having my info but google somehow still gets me to like their products.