Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Response Codes - Why are they everywhere?

Some of you might have run across a QR or quick response code in your day to day life. I had seen these things EVERYWHERE until I finally decided to download an app for my Android phone to see what the hype was all about. The truth is, once you scan a few, you actually see their usefulness.

QR codes read very clearly even on a cell phone camera and they read fast. What the text can be could be anything you want. And creating a QR code is as easy as ever, with online tools and mobile phone applications carrying the ability to create your own codes to share with friends. The one above is my own, linking to this blog, actually.
Most of the time you see these out in your travels, they will like be a URL address sending you to the manufacturers website for anything, additional product information or maybe even a contest. Everyone seems to be hopping on the bandwagon.
Personally, as useful as these little guys are and their ability to be placed on anything without cramming up additional space, I have to say we probably won't see them around too much longer. If these are still in rampant use in 3 years, I will be surprised. No doubt they will continue to be in use considering the leaps the smartphone market is making, but it won't be widespread like you see it now. But what's to lose? It's fast, cuts to the chase and right now almost everything has it for some reason. Why not download a reader to your smartphone and find out today?


  1. My theory on this, is that people are curious to see what happens when you scan em, so they are pretty succesful hahaha

  2. Well, because I don't have a smartphone. lol

  3. Yeah they really are all over the place, I'm usually too lazy to get my phone out and scan them though.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here :D

  5. I always ignore them, but my girl is all over that stuff

  6. I remember there was some toy that you could scan bar codes for and you would get a monster, I find this to be the adult version of that. They are not impressive but I can see how it is easier to scan something then to actually type in a url.

  7. The bar-codes are a way
    of keeping track of U.S.
    THANK GOD!!! we're mortal.
    Make Your Choice -SAW